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Northeast Commercial Flooring Considerations For Retail Premises

Northeast Commercial Flooring

Northeast commercial flooring comes in almost as many shapes, sizes and types as there are businesses! Each industry has its own specialist requirements, and retail is no different. From aesthetics to branding, comfort to health and safety; there are various considerations to take into account when selecting commercial flooring solutions for shops.

This article looks at the overarching ‘must-haves’ and gives some pros and cons of just a few of the options available. No matter what flooring you choose, you will want it to perform in three key areas. Firstly, you want it to be hard-wearing. Installing new commercial flooring is a costly business, not only in terms of money but time too. It’s therefore essential that your final choice will last for years to come and that simply isn’t going to happen if you select the wrong type. Secondly, there’s the look. First impressions really do count; and if you want to wow potential customers the minute they walk through the door, not to mention encourage them to buy from you, then one thing you must do is make sure every last detail is perfect, right down to your choice of Northeast commercial flooring. Thirdly and finally, you’re ideally looking for flooring that won’t be labour-intensive. Constant footfall, especially in wet weather conditions, can play havoc with a floor. It’s simply not practical or safe to have someone standing by to mop up throughout the day; nor do you want complex cleaning routines that are required on a nightly basis to keep your floor looking at its best. So you want easy-to-clean flooring.

So what are some of your options for commercial flooring installation, and what factors come into play here? Top-end stores might love the glamour of expensive floor tiles. They’re a doddle to keep clean and they’re hard-wearing too, an investment that can last for years. They can be fragile in some circumstances, though: drop a sharp or heavy item on them, and they may crack. The beauty of tiles, though, is that one or two can be replaced without having to purchase a whole new floor. One caveat is that they can be slippery when wet, so avoid them in areas where spillages are common. A cheaper option, with the benefit of additional grip in wet conditions, is textured vinyl flooring. Available in a huge range of styles, colours, designs and textures, you’re bound to find just the right look to complement your existing décor. Vinyl flooring has the added flexibility of being easy to maintain; it’s also durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear without compromising its look. Hardwood flooring is a perennial favourite. It screams traditional values, class and style. It also comes in natural shades from the darkest mahogany to a bright, fresh, clean light oak. Of course, footwear and coarse grit walked in from the street can cause scratches and dints. Some feel these add character; but if that’s not for you, a hardwood floor can be revived and refinished time after time.

To ensure you select the very best and most suitable of the options on offer for your retail premises, consult Northeast commercial flooring specialists. They’ll help you analyse your needs and make recommendations on which type is most practical and enduring for your business.

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