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Newcastle Flooring Company – A Guide To Flotex Flooring

Newcastle flooring company options are varied today. In the past, business owners had the option of wood, tiling or carpet when it came to flooring. This was the case for many years. However, there are now lots of flooring choices available, and one of these options is Flotex.

Flotex commercial flooring is very much like a hybrid of vinyl and carpet flooring. It combines the best features of the two, resulting in Northeast commercial flooring that is cheap, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. You will find this type of flooring in a lot of public spaces, including classrooms, gyms and libraries. So what makes it so popular? Flotex flooring is easy to look after and hygienic. Carpets trap everything, from allergens, to spillages and dirt. This is because the fibres are typically curved. Flotex flooring does not do this, as the fibres are upright. This makes the flooring a lot easier to clean. You can also expect high levels of comfort and durability with Flotex flooring. This is because Flotex has more fibres than carpet, which makes it very comfortable. It also means that it is long-lasting and durable too, which is why it works well in environments in which there is a high volume of traffic. You can also expect better acoustic qualities when compared with other flooring alternatives due to the sheer number of fibres. As you can see, there are many benefits associated with Flotex, and this is why it is also popular in homes across the UK too.

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