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Five Reasons Why New Commercial Flooring Solutions Should Be Routinely Maintained

Commercial Flooring Solutions

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing and having new commercial flooring solutions installed at your business premises, from budget to durability and appearance. What may not be uppermost in your mind is future cleaning and maintenance. However, the best way to secure the maximum return on your investment is to institute a regular, routine cleaning and maintenance programme.

It’s true that this means you will incur further, ongoing financial outlay; but there are very good reasons for doing so. Here, we look at how that investment in scheduled cleaning can actually save you money in the long run. Firstly, and most obviously, keeping your commercial flooring in tip-top condition will extend its natural life. You’ve already spent a lot of time, energy and money into researching your options, and finding and paying the right supplier to fit it. It makes sense to protect your flooring as far as possible from wear and tear, because that way, it will depreciate at a slower rate, thus making it more cost-effective. Secondly, appearances really do matter. Whether it’s encouraging a positive attitude in your workforce or making an impact on visitors to your site, clean and well-maintained flooring free from scuffs, stains and scratches contributes towards the impression of a successful, thriving business. Thirdly, there are more tangible, practical reasons for keeping any kinds of commercial flooring solutions in good condition. As an employer, you have responsibilities towards your staff and any other stakeholders who might visit your place of work. Flooring that is torn or buckled, uneven or ripped presents a potential tripping hazard.

You could be legally liable if anyone is injured as a result of poorly maintained flooring, and that will not do either your reputation or your finances any good at all. Regular inspection and maintenance by a professional commercial flooring contractors will help identify possible problems so they can be addressed in good time. Fourthly – connected to the previous point – there are additional responsibilities for many types of business. If the flooring in question is routinely likely to become slippery or wet because of the work being carried out there, then you have further legal obligations to ensure the safety of those using it. If it’s liable to have foodstuffs, chemicals or other substances spilled on it, you will want to know that it is kept free from germs, moulds and other contaminants. Regular deep cleaning is essential to ensure hygiene. Fifthly and finally, installation of a new floor can be time consuming and costly for a business. The old flooring must be removed by a professional commercial flooring specialist, the surface prepared, and the new flooring must be laid. All this can cause considerable disruption to a workplace, resulting in lost working hours. Minimise the frequency of having to replace old flooring by keeping it in good condition.

The best Northeast commercial flooring contractors will advise on how your new flooring should be cleaned and with what degree of frequency. It is well worth taking the experts’ advice on maintenance when you invest in quality commercial flooring solutions, in order to save your business time and money in the future.

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