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Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Industrial Vinyl Flooring has been used since many years in industries where flooring has to be clean and seamless, especially the joints of the flooring. Large areas of the flooring has to be covered in the industrial vinyl flooring with strong compressive strength to withstand the daily wear and tear of the premises. It should be pore free and slip resistant so that it can be easily cleaned and prevents falling. The industrial vinyl flooring can be installed in shops, schools, colleges, garages, pharmaceutical laboratories, printing venues, and food preparation kitchens. There are several other benefits of industrial vinyl flooring like it being easy to clean, slip resistant, long lasting, minimal maintenance, polished look and is very hygienic.

Durham Flooring offers an extremely high standard of industrial vinyl flooring services to clients in UK. We have strong experience in combining different elements to provide tailored solutions to our clients as per their requirements. Whether it is an industrial factory or football stadium, we can provide services to all industrial segments.

We have strong team of professional flooring contractors who have a deep knowledge and experience in providing superior quality services to all clients from different industries. The simple reason why Durham Flooring is leading in the market is because of the quality and professional service to its clients.

If you are interested in Durham industrial vinyl flooring services, then contact us at: sales@durhamflooring.co.uk, or you can also call us at: 0191 384 7447

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