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Commercial Flooring services

Commercial Flooring services

Durham Flooring are a professional Commercial Flooring contracting company, that are committed to providing quality, reliable & friendly service. Throughout, we provide a wide range of Commercial Flooring services to a diverse range of industries, providing specialised flooring finishes tailored to clients requirements.

Please take a look below to see the range of Commercial Flooring services we provide, by clicking to expand each individual area.

Office Flooring

At Durham Flooring we are regular providers and suppliers of office flooring in Newcastle and the surrounding areas – covering all of the North East. Our experienced team will advise you on the best choice of flooring. We can offer services from carpet tiles, office carpets, office flooring, including safety flooring and LVT (luxury vinyl tiles).

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Industrial Vinyl Flooring

Industrial Vinyl Flooring has been used since many years in industries where flooring has to be clean and seamless, especially the joints of the flooring. Large areas of the flooring has to be covered in the industrial vinyl flooring with strong compressive strength to withstand the daily wear and tear of the premises. It should be pore free and slip resistant so that it can be easily cleaned and prevents falling. The industrial vinyl flooring can be installed in shops, schools, colleges, garages, pharmaceutical laboratories, printing venues, and food preparation kitchens. There are several other benefits of industrial vinyl flooring like it being easy to clean, slip resistant, long lasting, minimal maintenance, polished look and is very hygienic.

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Commercial Safety Flooring

For proper functioning of any building, not only its infrastructure is important but also the flooring should be correct. Whether it is corporate building or school classroom or college hall, it is very important to use the right flooring and materials.

We, at Durham Flooring, very well understand the importance of right flooring at your premises. We offer a wide range of slip retardant flooring for corporate buildings, schools, colleges, hotel kitchens and large conventional centres. We fit and supply different types of carpet and flooring to match your high quality requirements.

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Kitchens are high-pressure environments – places where top quality food is produced for long stretches and at a fast pace. It’s vital therefore that the floors can stand the stress just as well as the staff.

What that means is that you’ll want flooring that is slip-resistant and durable, to cut down on accidents in what are often tightly-packed and highly hazardous environments. It will also have to be easy to clean up stains and spills due to hygiene considerations and the likely high rate of spillage that comes with a busy food production environment.

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Hotel, Restaurant & Leisure Flooring

Leisure flooring needs to simply exude class and prestige. Our selections of sophisticated carpets hit just the right note for all types of establishment and function, at price points more reasonable than the designs would suggest.

Another special feature provided by the most luxurious flooring as with most commercial flooring, it’s easy to clean and therefore particularly suitable for heavy use and quick turnaround of functions.

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Doctors & GP Flooring

One of the biggest priorities with flooring for medical use is that it be easy to clean. Safety flooring is a popular option as it won’t absorb fluids but rather will allow them to be cleaned away without fuss. The frequent sterilisation that is necessary to maintain the highest level of hygiene will not damage or discolour the floor over the months and years. Everything is hot welded in colour matching weld rod and silicone sealed to edges, most commonly coving and capping of the product is requested which creates an impervious easy to clean finish.

Whether you are looking to install flooring in a dental clinic or a 24 hour emergency room, we have options available that will safeguard patient health and ensure a minimum of stress for cleaning staff with an intensive and vital job.

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Retail Flooring

Flooring for retail environments is a vast and diverse area. In general, what is needed are inviting and innovative designs that make the customer feel welcome and wanted – but at the same time do not distract from the shopping experience, rather showcasing and highlighting goods on offer.

It’s our job to provide a great variation of designs and options to ensure an environment in which your customers will spend. Each of our flooring options is durable and easy to maintain. Ask us how we can provide for your specific needs.

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Laboratory Flooring

Laboratory flooring needs to be tough, hygienic and easy to clean, often in addition to this there maybe some very specific requirements to assist in the management or use of expensive electronic equipment. To fit this bespoke requirement Durham Flooring are able to install Static Dissipative which has been engineered for use where static control is required, but the resistance level of the floor does not need to be as low as that provided by a conductive floor.

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Hairdressers And Beauty Room Flooring

If you own or work in a beauty environment, you’ll be only too familiar with the characteristics that the best flooring should have. Differing for all relevant organisations, we’re generally looking at flooring that can accommodate large amounts of traffic and is able to be cleaned effectively but is aesthetically pleasing to create a luxury environment for your clients. Durham Flooring has an excellent range of Luxury Vinyl Tile products which imitate natural materials such as wood, ceramic, granite and stone but with a easy to clean and care for advantage. Call now for a free consultation about flooring design and options available, we’re confident we’ll have the flooring to suit your hairdressing and beauty room flooring needs.

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Veterinary Clinic Flooring

Similar in their requirements to a hospital, veterinary clinics need to have an almost completely sterile environment in certain areas, ensuring the utmost in cleanliness – and this can’t be achieved without the correct flooring.

Having to combine durability with a range of other factors, such as being flexible and multi-purpose, we have considerable experience providing flooring for veterinary environments and are certain we’ll have the most suitable flooring for your requirements.

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