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Commercial Flooring Installers – Guide To Safety Flooring

Commercial flooring installers are required for a wide range of flooring projects. After all, different industries have different demands. A hospital has differing demands to an office, for example. Below, we are going to take a look at safety flooring in further depth. Read on to find out more.

In order to ensure a safe working environment, safety commercial flooring is essential in a number of different industries. There are many characteristics that need to be fulfilled in order for a floor to be deemed safe. Crucially, it must be slip resistant; as well as hygienic, hardwearing, and easy to maintain and keep clean. Look for something with an R10 rating. This means that the floor is slip resistant, and that it can be kept hygienic and clean without sacrificing anyone’s health and safety, be it members of the public or your employees. Safety flooring is now available a wide assortment of styles, colours, and designs. In the past, it had almost a glittering look, as carborundum was sprinkled in it. However, safety flooring has moved on since then, and you don’t have to go for this sort of design. The main purpose of safety flooring is to prevent falls, trips and slips, which are the most common cause of workplace injuries. This is why such commercial flooring solutions are required in the likes of care homes, retail stores, leisure facilities, nurseries, schools, toilets, school kitchens, commercial kitchens, universities and hospitals. Hiring a top quality firm is of paramount importance when it comes to safety flooring.

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