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Commercial Flooring Contractors

Commercial Flooring Contractors For Kitchens

Commercial flooring contractors are a must for any kitchen area. You need to choose a company with care to ensure that they can provide you with the high level of safety and hygiene that is required in a commercial kitchen. Read on to discover more.

You cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to commercial flooring solutions for kitchens. You need safety flooring that provides sustainable slip resistance; has the ability to last for years to come; and will accommodate a substantial volume of foot traffic. This is because kitchen environments often have spillages of high viscosity containments as well as high traffic. Flooring with a low slip potential classification is of paramount importance, especially when there is continual risk of the likes of margarine, grease and oil spillages. All commercial kitchens need to have flooring that is fully compliant with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards. EN 13845 is the European standard for particle based safety flooring. To meet this standard, the flooring needs to demonstrate excellent resistance to abrasions and outstanding durability. It should also retain its performance characteristics as time passes by. Aside from this, the flooring also needs to pass EN 660-2, which is the 50,000 cycles abrasion test, designed to demonstrate the long-term sustainable slip resistance performance of the product, as well as to demonstrate the longevity of the aggregates and their performance. The best thing to do is to find a quality flooring company that can advise you on the best commercial flooring for your kitchens. Make sure they have experience in this area and a good portfolio to back it up.

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