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Commercial Flooring Contractor – Looking For A Green Flooring Solution?

Commercial flooring contractor is what you will be looking for if you are seeking a green flooring solution. When the environmental nature of the commercial flooring you choose is important to you, you really do need to select a flooring company with a lot of care. It is likely that most will point you in the direction of linoleum flooring.

Linoleum is considering the number one choice in terms of environmentally friendly flooring. This is because it is, to a large extent, made from natural raw materials. These materials include limestone, cork dust, jute, wood flour and oil. However, the benefits of linoleum flooring extend a lot further than this. Firstly, you have the appearance of this type of flooring. You can choose from a great assortment of styles and designs, and linoleum is available in tile or sheet format. If that was not enough, linoleum is soft, warm and quiet underfoot. The way in which it is manufactured means that it can suppress foot noise traffic. This is why it is ideal in high foot traffic areas, including hospitals and schools. Linoleum flooring also creates an anti-bacterial and anti-static barrier, which will ensure that no other dirt or debris is absorbed while also keeping moisture away. This makes it ideal for anyone with asthma or allergy related issues, which again highlights why it is a popular choice for care centres and hospitals. Last but not least, you can expect great strength, durability and resistance.

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