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Commercial Flooring Companies – The Suitability Of Vinyl Flooring

Commercial flooring companies offer a wide range of solutions from hardwood flooring to rubber flooring. However, there is little denying that vinyl flooring is one of the most popular requests. This is because it is a great option for a number of different industry sectors, as we will reveal below.

Let’s begin with the education sector. Vinyl is a great choice, as education facilities tend to be some of the most heavily used spaces there are. This is why vinyl is often used in schools and colleges in areas such as cafeterias, toilets, lecture halls, classrooms that are exposed to the likes of paints and other materials that mean they must be regularly cleaned, and corridors that may be exposed to the elements and experience high foot traffic. Vinyl is also used for healthcare commercial flooring solutions. It is ideal for busy corridors, which must be non-slip. Vinyl is also perfect for operating rooms that, of course, need to be extremely hygienic; as well as emergency rooms, which also need to be kept spotless and yet experience heavy foot traffic. It is not uncommon for vinyl to be used in the hospitality sector either, with applications including toilets and bathrooms, gaming areas with high foot traffic, commercial kitchens and bars. Finally, light industrial applications call for vinyl, as they have the durability and level of hygiene involved. Vinyl can withstand daily wear and tear, as it boasts strong compressive strength. It is also slip resistant and pore free. From pharmaceutical laboratories to shops, there is no end to the businesses that could benefit from this type of commercial flooring.

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