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Choosing The Right Commercial Flooring Contractor For Your Premises

Commercial Flooring

There can be no shortcuts when it comes to selecting the right contractor to supply and fit commercial flooring for your facility. Whether you’re looking for specialist safety flooring for a factory floor or a sumptuous carpet for your reception area, you’ll have a number of considerations. These cover everything from compliance with health and safety legislation to visual appeal. Another key factor is longevity: replacing your flooring is not something you’ll wish to go through annually, or even every few years. You want commercial flooring solutions that will last and provide a healthy return on investment.

This article looks at some of the questions you should ask any commercial flooring contractor you’re considering for your project. The first query should be about their range of products. You may well have a good idea of what you are looking for, or you may require expert guidance on what type of flooring will best suit your facility. Either way, you want to be sure the contractor in question has a suitable selection for you to choose from so you don’t have to compromise on visual appeal, budget, style or performance aspects. Your next step is to ask how they provide estimates. You will, no doubt, want to secure quotes from a few companies. It’s best if you can find commercial flooring specialists that will come in and measure professionally, then supply a detailed breakdown of costs, so you can compare quotes. It’s impossible to guess the size of a floor and the price for covering it without inspecting the site in advance. Doing so might fail to take into account any additional costs for removing the existing floor covering and preparing the surface properly. Ask if the company charges for such estimates and if so, whether this charge is deducted from the final bill if you hire them for the job.

The best suppliers will quote for free. Then, ask for references from previous clients. Have they supplied and installed commercial flooring for a facility of your type and size before, and if so, what did their clients have to recommend about the service they received? Any good company will be delighted to show you their portfolio and demonstrate they can be trusted to do a good job on your premises. Next, ask about the guarantees they provide when fitting flooring. Also, request details of any insurances they hold. If anything goes wrong during the installation or subsequently as a result of the work they have carried out, you want to make sure you are covered. Alongside this, request details of any warranty the fitted flooring will carry, both on materials and labour. If issues arise over the longer term, it’s worth knowing who will be responsible for putting them right. Finally, ask about installation times. Do they have capacity to fit your project in within your own timescale for having the work carried out? When do they work? You will want to reduce downtime as much as possible. It’s helpful to know if you can book your fitting during your own business’ quiet times, whether that’s during a particular week or over evenings and weekends.

Ask all these questions and you’ll help ensure your new commercial flooring is fitted safely and to the highest standard, taking into account your business requirements and wishes.

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