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Choosing Flooring For Student Accommodation

With the rise of new build bespoke student accommodation hubs and apartments, Durham flooring has gained a lot of fit out experience completing fit outs for new student accommodation. This time of year also offers a chance for existing student landlords to carry out maintenance and renovation work to their student rental properties.

With most student leasing contracts ending on 1st July and starting again beginning of September many landlords will now carry out works to bring the accommodation into a fully functioning environment ready for the new students arriving.

Communal Spaces

Corridors, lounges and kitchens take a lot of wear and tear. Kitchens and lounges tend to be the central focus of activity in student houses and halls, with most socialising taking place in these spaces. Practical and hard-wearing flooring will be required for these surfaces.


The kitchen will need durable anti-slip flooring such as safety flooring or an LVT (Luxury vinyl tile). The lounge is best suited to a heavy-duty carpet, or carpet tile for ease of installation and replacement. It will also need to be anti-static and stain resistant. Carpet tile offers the added benefit of a few become stained or damaged they can be easily replaced further down the line.

Laundry rooms again should be fitted with a safety flooring which ideally should be coved and capped to perimeters to ensure ease of cleaning and to help protect against water spillages.

Gyms can be fitted with either a carpet tile or an impervious type of flooring. Forbo Flotex is popular for this domain offering softness underfoot, impervious qualities, minimum pile height and easy to maintain.


Entrances from outside take a lot of regular footfall and so a tough matwell containing entrance matting or barrier matting is the ideal solution here. Not only are these areas busy but they are also exposed to dirt and moisture from the outside. Carpets with a deep ribbed surface known as barrier matting will help to minimise the amount of dirt and wetness by trapping fibres and moisture in the ridges. This will save and prolong the life of the other floorcoverings within the building.

Bedrooms and Self-contained Apartments

As the quality of student accommodation continues to rise, so do expectations for quality furnishings and fittings and flooring is no exception. Carpet tiles in the bedroom area with a high grade LVT to the kitchenette area, provides a homely yet practical floor space.


Durham Flooring are happy to provide samples and advice to main contractors, architects and landlords alike with regard to flooring for student accommodation. Get in touch today!

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